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Audiophile Liquidator inventory has been purchased from going out of business ventures, for that reason we are able to offer pricing lower than MSRP. We sell factory New, A-Stock Products!

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All Products
Product Name Model Price  
Amplifier Technologies AT1202 (each)$761.09
Amplifier Technologies AT1802 (each)$1,268.54
Amplifier Technologies AT1802RM (each)$1,268.54
Amplifier Technologies AT1805 (each)$2,029.63
Amplifier Technologies AT1805RM (each)$2,029.63
Amplifier Technologies AT1806 (each)$2,283.32
Amplifier Technologies AT1807 (each)$2,537.02
Amplifier Technologies AT1807RM (each)$2,537.02
Amplifier Technologies AT2007 (each)$3,805.49
Amplifier Technologies AT2007RM (each)$3,805.49
Amplifier Technologies AT3002 (each)$2,537.02
Amplifier Technologies AT3002RM (each)$2,537.02
Amplifier Technologies AT3004 (each)$3,551.80
Amplifier Technologies AT3005 (each)$4,059.18
Amplifier Technologies AT3007 (each)$5,074.03
Amplifier Technologies AT3007RM (each)$5,074.03
Amplifier Technologies AT6012 (each)$2,367.89
Amplifier Technologies AT6012RM (each)$2,367.89
Amplifier Technologies AT602 (each)$549.71
Amplifier Technologies ATP6700 (each)$838.63
Amplifier Technologies ATP7700 (each)$899.54
Amplifier Technologies ATP8700 (each)$1,649.90
Anthem A2 (each) Black$1,976.56
Anthem A5 (each) Black$3,162.50
Anthem AVM 50v 3D (each) Black$5,139.06
Anthem D2v 3D (each) Black$7,510.94
Anthem Integrated 225 (each) Black$1,423.13
Anthem M1 (each) Black$2,767.19
Anthem MCA 20 (each) Black$1,423.13
Anthem MCA 30 (each) Black$1,779.62
Anthem MCA 50 (each) Black$2,530.00
Anthem MRX 310 (each)$991.88
Anthem MRX 510 (each)$1,322.50
Anthem MRX 710 (each)$1,652.44
Anthem P2 (each) Black$3,557.82
Anthem P5 (each) Black$6,720.31
Anthem PVA 2 (each) Black$1,185.94
Anthem PVA 4 (each) Black$1,423.13
Anthem PVA 5 (each) Black$1,581.25
Anthem PVA 7 (each) Black$1,976.56
Anthem PVA 8 (each) Black$2,213.75
Anthony Gallo A'Diva 5.1 System, Black + TR-1 Black$1,140.48
Anthony Gallo A'Diva 5.1 System, Silver + TR-1 Black$1,140.48
Anthony Gallo A'Diva 5.1 System, White + TR-1 Black$1,140.48
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva (each) Matte BlackA'Diva$190.74
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva (each) Matte WhiteA'Diva$190.74
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva (each) Stainless Steel$223.74
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva AM Wall Mount (each) Black$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva AM Wall Mount (each) Silver$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva AM Wall Mount (each) White$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva ATM Table Mount (each) Black$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva ATM Table Mount (each) Silver$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva ATM Table Mount (each) White$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva Floor Stands (each) Black$116.16
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva Floor Stands (each) Silver$116.16
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva Floor Stands (each) White$116.16
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva In Ceiling Ring (each) White$32.67
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva Pre-construction Kit (each)$25.74
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE (each) Matte Black$217.14
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE (each) Matte White$217.14
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE (each) Stainless Steel$236.94
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE 5.1 System (Sys) Black$1,561.56
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE 5.1 System (Sys) White$1,561.56
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro (each) Gloss Black$151.14
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro (each) Matte Black$131.34
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro (each) Matte White$131.34
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro (each) Stainless$157.74
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Ceilling Mount Kit (each) white$32.67
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Floor Stands (pair) Black STB$131.34
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Floor Stands (pair) Silvergrey STS$131.34
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Floor Stands (pair) White STW$131.34
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Floor Stands Stainless Steel (pair$217.80
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Junction Box Mount (each) black$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Junction Box Mount (each) white$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Pre-construction Kit (each)$25.74
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro SE (each) Matte Black$157.74
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro SE (each) Matte White$157.74
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro SE (each) Stainless Steel$184.14
Anthony Gallo Acoustics MM- Micro Wall Mount (each) black$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics MM- Micro Wall Mount (each) silver$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics MM- Micro Wall Mount (each) white$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics MTM-Micro table mount (each) Black$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics MTM-Micro table mount (each) Silver$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics MTM-Micro table mount (each) White$27.06
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro 5.1 System (Sys) Black$943.14
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro 5.1 System (Sys) Silver$943.14
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro 5.1 System (Sys) White$943.14
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro SE 5.1 System (Sys) Black$1,065.24
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro SE 5.1 System (Sys) White$1,065.24
Anthony Gallo Acoustics TR-1D (each) Black$395.34
Anthony Gallo Acoustics TR-3D (each) Black$649.77
Anthony Gallo Strada Stands (pair)$297.00
Arcam A19 (each) Black$778.70
Arcam A49 (each) Black$3,900.00
Arcam AV950 (each) Black$6,630.00
Arcam AVR380 (each) Black$1,559.22
Arcam AVR450 (each) Black$2,339.22
Arcam AVR750 (each)$4,680.00
Atlantic Technology 1400 C (each) Satin Black$295.35
Atlantic Technology 1400 LR (each) Gloss Black$227.70
Atlantic Technology 1400 LR (each) Satin Black$227.70
Atlantic Technology 1400 SR-Z (pair) Satin Black$409.20
Atlantic Technology 224SB (each) Black$544.50
Atlantic Technology 2400 C (each) Satin Black$351.45
Atlantic Technology 2400 LR (pair) Gloss Black$557.70
Atlantic Technology 2400 LR (pair) Satin Black$557.70
Atlantic Technology 2400 SR (pair) Satin Black$618.75
Atlantic Technology 44-DA (pair) Gloss Black$495.00
Atlantic Technology 44-DA (pair) Satin Black$495.00
Atlantic Technology 4400 C (each) Gloss Black$516.45
Atlantic Technology 4400 C (each) Satin Black$516.45
Atlantic Technology 4400 LR (pair) Gloss Black$907.50
Atlantic Technology 4400 LR (pair) Satin Black$907.50
Atlantic Technology 4400 SR (pair) Satin Black$825.00
Atlantic Technology 444SB (each) Black$825.00
Atlantic Technology 6200eC (Black) each$1,196.25
Atlantic Technology 6200eLR (Black) each$1,052.70
Atlantic Technology 6200eLR-PED (Black) each$412.50
Atlantic Technology 642eSB Subwoofer (Black) each$1,031.25
Atlantic Technology 642eSB Subwoofer (Gloss Black) each$1,031.25
Atlantic Technology 8200eC (Gloss Black) each$1,650.00
Atlantic Technology 8200eLR (Gloss Black) each$1,526.25
Atlantic Technology 8200eLR-PED (Gloss Black) each$618.75
Atlantic Technology 8200eSR (Black) pair$1,320.00
Atlantic Technology 8200eSR-PED (Black) pair$577.50
Atlantic Technology AT-1 (each)$1,237.50
Atlantic Technology AT-2 (pair)$1,485.00
Atlantic Technology AW-424-P (Black) pair$371.25
Atlantic Technology AW-424-P (White) pair$371.25
Atlantic Technology FS-3200C (Gloss Black) each$495.00
Atlantic Technology FS-3200LR Gloss Black Front Channels (pair)$825.00
Atlantic Technology FS-3200LR Silver Front Channels (pair)$825.00
Atlantic Technology FS-3200PED-P (Gloss Black) pair$268.95
Atlantic Technology FS-4000 (Gloss Black) each$907.50
Atlantic Technology FS-4000 (Silver) each$907.50
Atlantic Technology FS-5000 (Gloss Black) each$1,402.50
Atlantic Technology FS-7.1 (each)$783.75
Atlantic Technology IC-6.2-S (each)$165.00
Atlantic Technology IC-6.3-S (each)$214.50
Atlantic Technology IC-8.2-S (each)$214.50
Atlantic Technology IC-8.3-S (each)$297.00
Atlantic Technology IC-BOX-6/8 (each)$66.00
Atlantic Technology IC-NC-6E (each)$16.50
Atlantic Technology IC-NC-8E (each)$16.50
Atlantic Technology IC-NC-TLC-6 (each)$21.45
Atlantic Technology IC-NC-TLC-8 (each)$21.45
Atlantic Technology ICTS-6.1-S (each)$115.50
Atlantic Technology ICTS-6HT-S (each)$264.00
Atlantic Technology IN-BOX-30LCR (each)$176.55
Atlantic Technology IN-BOX-8e-SUB Enclosure (each)$272.25
Atlantic Technology IN-NC-4 Bracket (each)$33.00
Atlantic Technology IN-NC-52 Bracket (each)$37.95
Atlantic Technology IN-NC-525 Bracket (each)$41.25
Atlantic Technology IN-NC-626 Bracket (each)$46.20
Atlantic Technology IW-30LCR-S (each)$970.20
Atlantic Technology IWTS-14SR (pair)$726.00
Atlantic Technology IWTS-155LCR-S (each) + GFR-155 Bracket$574.20
Atlantic Technology IWTS-28SUB (each) + GFR626 Bracket$495.00
Atlantic Technology IWTS-30SR-P (pair)$990.00
Atlantic Technology IWTS-5 LCR (each)$181.50
Atlantic Technology IWTS-8e Sub System (each)$2,092.20
Atlantic Technology IWTS-8e Sub, amp sold separate$557.70
Atlantic Technology PB-235 (each) Black$891.00
Atlantic Technology SA-180$363.00
Atlantic Technology SA-380 Amplifier$1,155.00
Atlantic Technology SB-900 (each) Black$318.45
Atlantic Technology SB-900DF (each) Black$318.45
Atlantic Technology WA-5030-SYS (System)$394.35
Bose 131 Marine (pair)$193.05
Bose 151SE (pair) Black34103$205.20
Bose 151SE (pair) White34104$205.20
Bose 161 (pair) Black27027$117.45
Bose 161 (pair) White27028$117.45
Bose 201 Series V (pair) Black29297$162.38
Bose 251 (pair) Black24643$295.65
Bose 251 (pair) White24644$295.65
Bose 301 Series V (pair) Black29309$248.81
Bose 901 (pair) Black$864.27
Bose 901 (pair) Walnut$864.27
Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV (5 speakers + Subwoofer) Black40343$756.00
Bose Adaptiq Center II (each) Black$196.43
Bose Adaptiq Center II (each) White$196.43
Bose Adaptiq InWall II (each)$196.43
Bose Cinemate 120 (System)$864.27
Bose Cinemate 130 (System)$1,178.55
Bose Companion 20 (pair)$213.45
Bose Companion 5 (pair)$340.47
Bose Computer Music Monitor (pair)$257.97
Bose FreeSpace 51 (pair) Green31763$324.76
Bose FreeSpace DS16F (each) Black$82.35
Bose FreeSpace DS16F (each) White$82.35
Bose Homewide Powered Speaker System$785.70
Bose Jewel Cube (each) Black$157.14
Bose Jewel Cube II (each) Black$157.14
Bose Jewel Cube II (each) White$157.14
Bose L1 Compact Line Array (System)$943.65
Bose Lifestyle 135 Soundtouch (System)$2,042.82
Bose LifeStyle 525 Soundtouch (System)$2,199.96
Bose Lifestyle 535 Soundtouch (System)$2,749.95
Bose Lifestyle Powered Acoustimass Module III (each) Black42225$742.50
Bose Lifestyle Powered Acoustimass Module III (each) White42226$742.50
Bose LifeStyle Roommate Powered Speaker (each)$275.00
Bose Lifestyle SA-3 (each)35004$241.65
Bose Link AL8 (each)$327.38
Bose Link AR1 (each)$130.95
Bose SA-4 (each)$437.37
Bose Solo 15 II (each)$382.37
Bose Sound Dock 10 (each)$510.71
Bose Sound Dock III (each)$213.45
Bose Soundlink III (each)$263.21
Bose Soundlink Mini II (each) Black$175.47
Bose Soundlink Mini II (each) White$175.47
Bose SoundTouch 120 (System)$864.27
Bose SoundTouch 130 (System)$1,178.55
Bose SoundTouch 20 II (each) Black$306.42
Bose SoundTouch 20 II (each) White$350.95
Bose SoundTouch 20 III (each) Black$306.42
Bose SoundTouch 20 III (each) White$306.42
Bose SoundTouch Portable II (each) Black$350.95
Bose SoundTouch Wifi Music System$942.84
Bose Virtually Invisible 191 (pair)31509$200.35
Bose Virtually Invisible 191 Round Ceiling (pair)31509$200.35
Bose Virtually Invisible 591 (pair)$294.64
Bose Virtually Invisible 691 (pair)$294.64
Bose Virtually Invisible 791 II (pair)$392.85
Bose Virtually Invisible 891 (pair)$392.85
Bose Wave SoundTouch II Music System$542.13
Bose Wave SoundTouch IV (each) Black$540.82
Definitive Technology AW 5500 (each) Black$137.04
Definitive Technology AW 5500 (each) White$137.04
Definitive Technology AW 6500 (each) Black$171.38
Definitive Technology AW 6500 (each) White$171.38
Definitive Technology BP-8020ST (each) Black$457.90
Definitive Technology BP-8040ST (each) Black$610.52
Definitive Technology BP-8060ST (each) Black$763.16
Definitive Technology BP-8080ST (each) Black$1,144.73
Definitive Technology BP10B (each) Gloss Black$457.13
Definitive Technology BP6B (each) Gloss Black$304.50
Definitive Technology CS-8040HD (each) Black$381.54
Definitive Technology CS-8060HD (each) Black$534.21
Definitive Technology CS-8080HD (each) Black$763.16
Definitive Technology DI 3.5R (each)$111.65
Definitive Technology DI 4.5R (each)$116.99
Definitive Technology DI 5.5 LCR (each)$239.86
Definitive Technology DI 5.5BPS (each)$239.86
Definitive Technology DI 5.5R (each)$133.02
Definitive Technology DI 5.5S (each)$133.02
Definitive Technology DI 6.5LCR (each)$293.28
Definitive Technology DI 6.5R (each)$149.05
Definitive Technology DI 6.5S (each)$149.05
Definitive Technology DI 6.5STR (each)$159.73
Definitive Technology DI 8R (each)$175.75
Definitive Technology DT6.5LCR (each)$106.84
Definitive Technology DT6.5R (each)$96.16
Definitive Technology DT6.5STR (each)$134.31
Definitive Technology DT8LCR (each)$134.31
Definitive Technology DT8R (each)$134.31
Definitive Technology Gem Stand (pair) Black$197.66
Definitive Technology Gem Stand (pair) Silver$197.66
Definitive Technology IWSub 10/10 (each)$506.96
Definitive Technology IWSub Reference (each)$693.94
Definitive Technology Mythos Gem (pair) BlackMythos Gem$425.84
Definitive Technology Mythos Gem XL (each)$266.26
Definitive Technology Mythos Nine (each)$609.77
Definitive Technology Mythos Seven (each) Black$304.50
Definitive Technology Mythos Six (each)$304.50
Definitive Technology Mythos STS (each)$1,143.98
Definitive Technology Mythos Ten (each)$686.08
Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-20BP (each)$213.69
Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-40 (each)$381.58
Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-50 (each) Black$533.44
Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-60 (each)$686.84
Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA3 (each)$610.52
Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5 (each)$763.16
Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 (each) Black$167.90
Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 (each) White$167.90
Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 (each)$266.34
Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 (each) Black$167.13
Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 (each) White$167.13
Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 (each) Black$110.66
Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 (each) White$110.66
Definitive Technology ProMount 80 wall mnt brackets black (pair)$30.52
Definitive Technology ProMount 80 wall mnt brackets white (pair)$30.52
Definitive Technology ProMount 90 (pair) Black$38.16
Definitive Technology ProMount 90 (pair) White$38.16
Definitive Technology ProStand 600/800 (pair) Black$76.28
Definitive Technology ProStand 600/800 (pair) White$76.28
Definitive Technology ProStand100/200/1000 black (pair)$83.91
Definitive Technology ProSub1000 black (each)$380.81
Definitive Technology ProSub800 black (each)$304.50
Definitive Technology SixStands spkr-stand (pair) Silver$197.66
Definitive Technology SixStands spkr-stand black (pair)$197.66
Definitive Technology Solo Cinema XTR (System) Black$1,465.79
Definitive Technology SR-8040BP (each) Black$190.79
Definitive Technology SR-8080BP (each) Black$267.10
Definitive Technology SSA-42 Soundbar (each)$609.77
Definitive Technology SSA-50 Soundbar (each)$838.71
Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 45 (each) Black$158.73
Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 55 (each) Black$238.10
Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 65 (each) Black$357.16
Definitive Technology StudioMonitorStands black (pair)$114.48
Definitive Technology SubAmp 600 (each) Black$586.79
Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 (each)$634.96
Definitive Technology SuperCube 6000 (each)$793.69
Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 (each)$1,190.52
Definitive Technology UIW 55 (pair)$191.24
Definitive Technology UIW 63/A (pair)$148.51
Definitive Technology UIW 64/A (pair)$223.30
Definitive Technology UIW 75 (each)UIW75$213.15
Definitive Technology UIW BP/A (each)$159.73
Definitive Technology UIW RCS II (each)$400.13
Definitive Technology UIW RCS III (each)$319.99
Definitive Technology UIW RLS II (each)$480.25
Definitive Technology UIW RLS III (each)$346.71
Definitive Technology UIW RSS II (each)$346.71
Definitive Technology UIW RSS III (each)$266.57
Definitive Technology UIW83/A (pair)$255.36
Definitive Technology UIW94/A (pair)UIW94/A$319.46
Denon AVR-X2200W (each)$633.60
Denon AVR-X3200W (each)$792.00
Denon AVR-X5200W (each)$1,584.00
Denon AVR-X6200W (each)$1,742.40
Denon AVR-X7200W (each)$2,376.00
Denon DA-300USB (each)$396.00
Denon DBT-1713UD (each)$429.00
Denon DBT-3313UDCI (each)$792.00
Elan A12 (each)$1,085.00
Elan A2 (each)$504.00
Elan A6 (each)$721.00
Elan AM112 (each)$133.00
Elan AUDSENSOR (each)$35.00
Elan C2 (each)$1,099.00
Elan CEM6 (each)$56.00
Elan CEM8 (each)$56.00
Elan CRSENSOR (each)$35.00
Elan CTSENSOR (each)$35.00
Elan CVRM (each)$147.00
Elan CVWP (each)$210.00
Elan D12 (each)$2,240.00
Elan DBK10006P (6 pack)$168.00
Elan DSC3bz (each) Bronze$609.00
Elan DSC3c (each) Chrome$609.00
Elan DSF3bz (each) Bronze$280.00
Elan DSF3c (each) Chrome$280.00
Elan DSS3bz (each) Bronze$315.00
Elan DSS3c (each) Chrome$308.00
Elan DT11 (each)$644.00
Elan DT22 (each)$966.00
Elan FMD24 (each)$175.00
Elan FMR120 (each)$175.00
Elan GMOD (each)$161.00
Elan GTS2 (each) Black$49.00
Elan GTS2 (each) White$49.00
Elan HC12 (each)$2,415.00
Elan HC4 (each)$1,036.00
Elan HC4BKT (each)$63.00
Elan HC6 (each)$1,568.00
Elan HC8 (each)$1,932.00
Elan HR2 (each)$679.00
Elan HWAVO100 (each)$336.00
Elan HWEB100 (each)$364.00
Elan HWEB101 (each)$364.00
Elan HWRTR100 (each)$196.00
Elan ICM (each)$168.00
Elan ILC (each)$21.00
Elan IRD4 (each)$53.20
Elan IRE1 (each)$7.00
Elan IRL2 (each)$322.00
Elan IRS1 (each) Black$91.00
Elan IRS7EP (each)$119.00
Elan KPCD6 (each) Black$259.00
Elan KPCW6 (each)$231.00
Elan KPCW8 (each)$231.00
Elan KPLD6 (each)$315.00
Elan KPLD8 (each)$315.00
Elan LCPU (each)$672.00
Elan LM14 (each)$133.00
Elan LTSENSOR (each)$35.00
Elan M86A (each)$1,421.00
Elan NWA18 (each)$728.00
Elan PF2 (each)$35.00
Elan PIMR (each)$133.00
Elan PIMU (each)$168.00
Elan PLF15 (each)$294.00
Elan PLF5 (each)$133.00
Elan PPC1 (each)$84.00
Elan PPC3 (each)$119.00
Elan PPC4 (each)$119.00
Elan PPIR (each)$56.00
Elan PPRM (each)$35.00
Elan PPSP (each)$49.00
Elan PPVN (each)$49.00
Elan PPWM (each)$161.00
Elan PVSE (each)$119.00
Elan PWR1 (each)$49.00
Elan PWR10 (each)$238.00
Elan PWR12 (each)$42.00
Elan PWR2 (each)$21.00
Elan PWR3 (each)$35.00
Elan PWR4 (each)$98.00
Elan RMK3 (each)$49.00
Elan RWS (each)$49.00
Elan S12XK (each)$35.00
Elan S1616A (each)$2,660.00
Elan S86A (each)$1,680.00
Elan S86P (each)$1,183.00
Elan SIM2 (each)$105.00
Elan SPR1 (each)$378.00
Elan TEC (each)$252.00
Elan TPR120 (each)$546.00
Elan TS10 (each)$1,771.00
Elan TS2L (each)$434.00
Elan TS7 (each)$1,365.00
Elan V85 (each)$2,051.00
Elan VETK (each) Almond$35.00
Elan VETK (each) Black$35.00
Elan VETK (each) Brown$35.00
Elan VETK (each) Ivory$35.00
Elan VETK (each) Light Almond$35.00
Elan VHTO100 (each)$119.00
Elan VIDSENSOR (each)$35.00
Elan VL10 (each)$1,960.00
Elan VL2 (each) Black$84.00
Elan VRTK (each) Almond$35.00
Elan VRTK (each) Black$35.00
Elan VRTK (each) Brown$35.00
Elan VRTK (each) Ivory$35.00
Elan VRTK (each) Light Almond$35.00
Elan VSOS (6 pack)$623.00
Elan VSR (6 pack)$231.00
Elan VSS (6 pack)$294.00
Elan VSTK (each) Almond$35.00
Elan VSTK (each) Black$35.00
Elan VSTK (each) Ivory$35.00
Elan VSTK (each) Light Almond$35.00
Elan VTSENSOR (each)$35.00
Elan WPTS10 (each) Almond$35.00
Elan WPTS10 (each) Black$35.00
Elan WPTS10 (each) Ivory$35.00
Elan WPTS10 (each) Light Almond$35.00
Elan WPTS7 (each) Almond$35.00
Elan WPTS7 (each) Black$35.00
Elan WPTS7 (each) Ivory$35.00
Elan WPTS7 (each) Light Almond$35.00
Elan WS1D10 (each)$140.00
Elan WS1D15 (each)$294.00
Elan WS1D24 (each)$378.00
Elan WS1D6 (each)$119.00
Elan WS1DL10 (each)$158.20
Elan WS1DL6 (each)$140.00
Elan WS1E3 (each)$252.00
Elan WS1E5 (each)$287.00
Furman AC-215A (each)$132.99
Furman Elite-15DMi (each)$373.56
Furman Elite-15i (each)$266.64
Furman Elite-15PFi (each)$467.11
Furman Elite-20PFi (each)$801.24
Furman F1000-UPS (each)$585.59
Furman F1500-UPS (each)$951.62
Furman IT-REF 15i (each)$1,469.49
Furman IT-REF 16Ei (each)$3,037.50
Furman IT-REF 20i (each)$2,471.86
Furman MIW-POWER-PRO-PFP (each)$66.80
Furman MIW-Surge-1G (each)$33.39
Furman MIW-XT (each)$100.21
Furman PST-6 (each)$66.16
Furman PST-8 (each)$99.58
Furman PST-8 DIG (each)$123.63
Furman SPR 20i (each)$1,135.36
Gallo Reference Strada 2 Center, Table Mount (each) Black/Black$659.34
Gallo Reference Strada 2 Center, Table Mount (each) Black/Stainl$659.34
Gallo Reference Strada 2 Center, Wall Mount (each) Black/Black$659.34
Gallo Reference Strada 2 Center, Wall Mount (each) Black/Stainle$659.34
Gallo Reference Strada 2 Side, Table Mount (each) Black/Black$659.34
Gallo Reference Strada 2 Side, Table Mount (each) Black/Stainles$659.34
Gallo Reference Strada 2 Side, Wall Mount (each) Black/Black$659.34
Gallo Reference Strada 2 Side, Wall Mount (each) Black/Stainless$659.34
Heos 1 (each) Black$187.50
Heos 3 (each) Black$243.75
Heos 5 (each) Black$325.00
Heos 7 (each) Black$487.50
Heos Amp (each)$406.25
Heos Drive (each)$1,875.00
Heos Home Cinema (each) Black$700.00
Heos Link (each)$285.00
Integra ADM 20.4 (each)$324.00
Integra ADM 30.1 (each)$364.50
Integra CDC 3.4 (each)$243.00
Integra DBS 30.3 (each)$445.50
Integra DBS 50.3 (each)$607.50
Integra DHC 60.5 (each)$945.00
Integra DHC 80.6 (each)$2,598.75
Integra DLB 40.6 (each)$472.50
Integra DTA 70.1 (each)$1,458.00
Integra DTM 40.4 (each)$445.50
Integra DTR 30.6 (each)$810.00
Integra DTR 40.6 (each)$1,053.00
Integra DTR 50.6 (each)$1,377.00
Integra DTR 60.6 (each)$1,863.00
Integra DTR 70.6 (each)$2,268.00
JL Audio E110 (each) Black Ash$1,050.00
JL Audio E110 (each) Gloss Black$1,190.00
JL Audio E112 (each) Black Ash$1,330.00
JL Audio E112 (each) Gloss Black$1,470.00
JL Audio Fathom F110 (each) Gloss Black$1,820.00
JL Audio Fathom F112 V2 (each) Gloss Black$2,590.00
JL Audio Fathom F113 V2 (each) Gloss Black$3,150.00
JL Audio Fathom F212 (each) Gloss Black$4,900.00
JL Audio Fathom IWS (System 1)$3,150.00
JL Audio Fathom IWS (System 2)$5,250.00
JL Audio Gotham G213 (each) Gloss Black$8,400.00
KEF 201/2 Stand (pair) Matte Black$594.00
KEF 202/2c Stand (each) Matte Black$371.25
KEF 204/2c Stand (each) Matte Black$594.00
KEF Ci100QR (each)$108.00
KEF Ci100QS (each)$108.00
KEF Ci130CR (each)$97.20
KEF Ci130CS (each)$108.00
KEF Ci130QR (each)$135.00
KEF Ci130QS (each)$148.50
KEF Ci160CL (each)$135.00
KEF Ci160CR (each)$121.50
KEF Ci160CRds (each)$148.50
KEF Ci160CS (each)$135.00
KEF Ci160CSds (each)$148.50
KEF Ci160QCT (pair)$371.25
KEF Ci160QL (each)$175.50
KEF Ci160QR (each)$162.00
KEF Ci160QS (each)$175.50
KEF Ci160SL (pair)$162.00
KEF Ci160SR (pair)$162.00
KEF Ci160SS (pair)$162.00
KEF Ci160ST (pair)$270.00
KEF Ci160TR (each)$175.50
KEF Ci200.3QT (each)$405.00
KEF Ci200CL (each)$175.50
KEF Ci200CR (each)$148.50
KEF Ci200QL (each)$216.00
KEF Ci200QR (each)$189.00
KEF Ci200QS (each)$202.50
KEF Ci200RR-THX (each)$432.00
KEF Ci3-80QT (each)$324.00
KEF Ci3160RL-THX (each)$972.00
KEF Ci3160RLb (each)$675.00
KEF Ci4100QL (each)$324.00
KEF Ci4100QLb (each)$270.00
KEF Ci5160RL-THX (each)$1,620.00
KEF E Floorstands (pair) Black$182.25
KEF E301 (pair) Black$283.50
KEF E301 (pair) White$283.50
KEF E305 (System) Black$972.00
KEF E305 (System) White$972.00
KEF HTF7003 (each) Black$408.38
KEF HTF8003 (each) Black$668.25
KEF KASA500 (each)$742.50
KEF KMPS-7 (each)$324.00
KEF Kube 1 (each) Gloss Black$408.38
KEF Kube 2 (each) Gloss Black$556.88
KEF LS50 (pair) Piano Black$1,329.75
KEF M200 (each)$162.00
KEF M500 (each)$243.00
KEF Q100 (pair) Black Oak$408.38
KEF Q100 (pair) Rosewood$408.38
KEF Q100 (pair) Walnut$408.38
KEF Q200c (each) Black Oak$371.25
KEF Q200c (each) Rosewood$371.25
KEF Q200c (each) Walnut$371.25
KEF Q300 (pair) Black Oak$482.63
KEF Q300 (pair) Rosewood$482.63
KEF Q300 (pair) Walnut$482.63
KEF Q400 (each) Black Oak$519.75
KEF Q400 (each) Rosewood$519.75
KEF Q400 (each) Walnut$519.75
KEF Q500 (pair) Black Oak$816.75
KEF Q500 (pair) Rosewood$816.75
KEF Q500 (pair) Walnut$816.75
KEF Q600c (each) Black Oak$482.63
KEF Q600c (each) Rosewood$482.63
KEF Q600c (each) Walnut$482.63
KEF Q700 (pair) Black Oak$1,113.75
KEF Q700 (pair) Rosewood$1,113.75
KEF Q700 (pair) Walnut$1,113.75
KEF Q800ds (pair) Black Oak$594.00
KEF Q800ds (pair) Rosewood$594.00
KEF Q800ds (pair) Walnut$594.00
KEF Q900 (pair) Black Oak$1,336.50
KEF Q900 (pair) Rosewood$1,336.50
KEF Q900 (pair) Walnut$1,336.50
KEF R100 (pair) Piano Black$891.00
KEF R100 (pair) Rosewood$891.00
KEF R100 (pair) Walnut$891.00
KEF R200C (each) Piano Black$742.50
KEF R200C (each) Rosewood$742.50
KEF R200C (each) Walnut$742.50
KEF R300 (pair) Piano Black$1,336.50
KEF R300 (pair) Rosewood$1,336.50
KEF R300 (pair) Walnut$1,336.50
KEF R400 (each) Gloss White$1,262.25
KEF R400 (each) Piano Black$1,262.25
KEF R50 (pair) Piano Black$891.00
KEF R500 (pair) Piano Black$1,930.50
KEF R500 (pair) Rosewood$1,930.50
KEF R500 (pair) Walnut$1,930.50
KEF R600C (each) Piano Black$1,113.75
KEF R600C (each) Rosewood$1,113.75
KEF R600C (each) Walnut$1,113.75
KEF R700 (pair) Piano Black$2,673.00
KEF R700 (pair) Rosewood$2,673.00
KEF R700 (pair) Walnut$2,673.00
KEF R800ds (pair) Piano Black$1,336.50
KEF R800ds (pair) Rosewood$1,336.50
KEF R800ds (pair) Walnut$1,336.50
KEF R900 (pair) Piano Black$3,712.50
KEF R900 (pair) Rosewood$3,712.50
KEF R900 (pair) Walnut$3,712.50
KEF Reference 1 (pair) Piano Black$5,568.75
KEF Reference 201/2 (pair) High Gloss American Walnut$4,455.00
KEF Reference 201/2 (pair) High Gloss Cherry$4,455.00
KEF Reference 201/2 (pair) Piano Black$4,455.00
KEF Reference 201/2 (pair) Satin Black$4,455.00
KEF Reference 201/2 (pair) Satin Cherry$4,455.00
KEF Reference 201/2 (pair) Satin Sycamore$4,455.00
KEF Reference 201/2 (pair) Satin Walnut$4,455.00
KEF Reference 202/2c (each) High Gloss American Walnut$2,784.38
KEF Reference 202/2c (each) High Gloss Cherry$2,784.38
KEF Reference 202/2c (each) Piano Black$2,784.38
KEF Reference 202/2c (each) Satin Black$2,295.00
KEF Reference 202/2c (each) Satin Cherry$2,295.00
KEF Reference 202/2c (each) Satin Sycamore$2,295.00
KEF Reference 202/2c (each) Satin Walnut$2,295.00
KEF Reference 203/2 (pair) High Gloss American Walnut$7,425.00
KEF Reference 203/2 (pair) High Gloss Cherry$7,425.00
KEF Reference 203/2 (pair) Piano Black$7,425.00
KEF Reference 203/2 (pair) Satin Black$6,075.00
KEF Reference 203/2 (pair) Satin Cherry$6,075.00
KEF Reference 203/2 (pair) Satin Sycamore$6,075.00
KEF Reference 203/2 (pair) Satin Walnut$6,075.00
KEF Reference 204/2c (each) High Gloss American Walnut$3,712.50
KEF Reference 204/2c (each) High Gloss Cherry$3,712.50
KEF Reference 204/2c (each) Piano Black$3,712.50
KEF Reference 204/2c (each) Satin Black$3,037.50
KEF Reference 204/2c (each) Satin Cherry$3,037.50
KEF Reference 204/2c (each) Satin Sycamore$3,037.50
KEF Reference 204/2c (each) Satin Walnut$3,037.50
KEF Reference 205/2 (pair) High Gloss American Walnut$10,395.00
KEF Reference 205/2 (pair) High Gloss Cherry$10,395.00
KEF Reference 205/2 (pair) Piano Black$10,395.00
KEF Reference 205/2 (pair) Satin Black$8,437.50
KEF Reference 205/2 (pair) Satin Cherry$8,437.50
KEF Reference 205/2 (pair) Satin Sycamore$8,437.50
KEF Reference 205/2 (pair) Satin Walnut$8,437.50
KEF Reference 206/2ds (each) High Gloss American Walnut$2,784.38
KEF Reference 206/2ds (each) High Gloss Cherry$2,784.38
KEF Reference 206/2ds (each) Piano Black$2,784.38
KEF Reference 206/2ds (each) Satin Black$2,278.13
KEF Reference 206/2ds (each) Satin Cherry$2,278.13
KEF Reference 206/2ds (each) Satin Sycamore$2,278.13
KEF Reference 206/2ds (each) Satin Walnut$2,278.13
KEF Reference 208 (each) High Gloss American Walnut$5,568.75
KEF Reference 208 (each) High Gloss Cherry$5,568.75
KEF Reference 208 (each) Piano Black$5,568.75
KEF Reference 208 (each) Satin Black$4,455.00
KEF Reference 208 (each) Satin Cherry$4,455.00
KEF Reference 208 (each) Satin Sycamore$4,455.00
KEF Reference 208 (each) Satin Walnut$4,455.00
KEF Reference 209 (each) High Gloss American Walnut$11,880.00
KEF Reference 209 (each) High Gloss Cherry$11,880.00
KEF Reference 209 (each) Piano Black$11,880.00
KEF Reference 209 (each) Satin Black$11,137.50
KEF Reference 209 (each) Satin Cherry$11,137.50
KEF Reference 209 (each) Satin Sycamore$11,137.50
KEF Reference 209 (each) Satin Walnut$11,137.50
KEF Reference 2c (each) Piano Black$3,712.50
KEF Reference 3 (pair) Piano Black$9,652.50
KEF Reference 4c (each) Piano Black$5,568.75
KEF Reference 5 (pair) Piano Black$13,365.00
KEF Reference 8b (each) Piano Black$4,455.00
KEF T-2 (each) Black$519.75
KEF T-Series Floor Stand (pair) Black$207.90
KEF T101 (pair) Black$408.38
KEF T101 (pair) White$408.38
KEF T101C (each) Black$222.75
KEF T101C (each) White$222.75
KEF T205 (System) Black$1,620.00
KEF T205 (System) White$1,620.00
KEF T301 (pair) Black$556.88
KEF T301C (each) Black$297.00
KEF T305 (System) Black$1,782.00
KEF V300 (each)$789.75
KEF V700 (each)$702.00
KEF V720W (System) Black$877.50
KEF Ventura 4 (pair) White$151.20
KEF Ventura 5 (pair) Black$189.00
KEF Ventura 5 (pair) White$189.00
KEF Ventura 6 (pair) White$243.00
KEF X300A (pair)$702.00
Klipsch AW-400 (pair)$160.08
Klipsch AW-500-SM (each) White$213.90
Klipsch AW-525 (pair) Black$242.88
Klipsch AW-525 (pair) White$242.88
Klipsch AW-650 (pair) Black$304.98
Klipsch AW-650 (pair) White$304.98
Klipsch AWR-650-SM (each) Granite$195.96
Klipsch AWR-650-SM (each) Sandstone$195.96
Klipsch CDT-2650-C II (each)$107.64
Klipsch CDT-2800-C II (each)$126.96
Klipsch CDT-3650-C II (each)$138.00
Klipsch CDT-3800-C II (each)$189.06
Klipsch CDT-5650-C II (each)$166.98
Klipsch CDT-5800-C II (each)$211.14
Klipsch G-12 (each) Black$144.90
Klipsch G-16 (each) Black$217.35
Klipsch G-28 (each) Black$362.25
Klipsch G-42 (each) Black$507.15
Klipsch IK-502-C (each)$22.08
Klipsch IK-502-W (each)$22.08
Klipsch IK-650-C (pair)$22.08
Klipsch IK-650-W (pair)$22.08
Klipsch IK-800-C (pair)$27.60
Klipsch IK-800-W (pair)$27.60
Klipsch KA-1000-THX (each)$851.46
Klipsch KI-102 (each)$393.30
Klipsch KI-115 (each)$734.16
Klipsch KI-172 (each)$438.84
Klipsch KI-215 (each)$1,035.00
Klipsch KI-262 (each)$793.50
Klipsch KI-272 (each)$883.20
Klipsch KI-362 (each)$1,145.40
Klipsch KI-396 (each)$1,794.00
Klipsch KL-525-THX (each)$673.44
Klipsch KL-650 THX Left (each)$811.44
Klipsch KL-650 THX Right (each)$811.44
Klipsch KL-7502-THX (each)$579.60
Klipsch KS-525-THX (pair)$840.42
Klipsch KS-7502-THX (each)$579.60
Klipsch KS-7800-THX (each)$550.62
Klipsch KW-120-THX (each)$840.42
Klipsch ME-650-C (each)$44.16
Klipsch ME-650-W (each)$44.16
Klipsch ME-800-C (each)$57.96
Klipsch P-17B (pair) Espresso$3,036.00
Klipsch P-17B (pair) Merlot$3,036.00
Klipsch P-17B (pair) Natural$3,036.00
Klipsch P-27C (each) Espresso$2,656.50
Klipsch P-27C (each) Merlot$2,656.50
Klipsch P-27C (each) Natural$2,656.50
Klipsch P-27S (pair) Espresso$3,036.00
Klipsch P-27S (pair) Merlot$3,036.00
Klipsch P-27S (pair) Natural$3,036.00
Klipsch P-312W (each) Espresso$3,036.00
Klipsch P-312W (each) Merlot$3,036.00
Klipsch P-312W (each) Natural$3,036.00
Klipsch P-37F (pair) Espresso$6,072.00
Klipsch P-37F (pair) Merlot$6,072.00
Klipsch P-37F (pair) Natural$6,072.00
Klipsch P-38F (pair) Espresso$9,108.00
Klipsch P-38F (pair) Merlot$9,108.00
Klipsch P-38F (pair) Natural$9,108.00
Klipsch P-39F (pair) Espresso$15,180.00
Klipsch P-39F (pair) Merlot$15,180.00
Klipsch P-39F (pair) Natural$15,180.00
Klipsch PRO-4502-W (each)$201.48
Klipsch PRO-4650-C (pair)$259.44
Klipsch PRO-4650-W (pair)$259.44
Klipsch PRO-4800-C (pair)$317.40
Klipsch PRO-4800-W (pair)$317.40
Klipsch PRO-4803-C (each)$172.50
Klipsch PRO-6502-L-THX (each)$289.80
Klipsch PRO-6502-W (each)$259.44
Klipsch PRO-6504-L-THX (each)$441.60
Klipsch PRO-6602-W (each)$317.40
Klipsch PRO-6650-C (pair)$346.38
Klipsch PRO-6650-W (pair)$346.38
Klipsch PRO-6800-C (pair)$404.34
Klipsch PRO-6800-W (pair)$404.34
Klipsch PRO-6803-C (each)$215.28
Klipsch PRO-7502-L-THX (each)$634.80
Klipsch PRO-7502-S-THX (each)$634.80
Klipsch PRO-7800-L-THX (each)$688.62
Klipsch PRO-7800-S-THX (each)$550.62
Klipsch R-10B (each)$565.80
Klipsch R-110SW (each)$375.36
Klipsch R-112SW (each)$494.04
Klipsch R-115SW (each)$644.46
Klipsch R-1650-CSM (each)$77.28
Klipsch R-1650-W (each)$60.72
Klipsch R-20B (each)$695.52
Klipsch R-2502-W II (each)$151.80
Klipsch R-2650-C II (each)$91.08
Klipsch R-2650-CSM II (each)$135.24
Klipsch R-2650-W II (each)$91.08
Klipsch R-2800-CSM II (each)$168.36
Klipsch R-3650-W II (each)$138.00
Klipsch R-3800-W II (each)$190.44
Klipsch R-5502-W II (each)$208.38
Klipsch R-5650-S II (each)$200.10
Klipsch R-5650-W II (each)$168.36
Klipsch R-5800-W II (each)$212.52
Klipsch RP-140SA (each)$360.80
Klipsch RP-150M (pair) Cherry$362.94
Klipsch RP-150M (pair) Ebony$362.94
Klipsch RP-160M (pair) Cherry$434.70
Klipsch RP-160M (pair) Ebony$434.70
Klipsch RP-240S (pair)$471.96
Klipsch RP-250C (each) Cherry$325.68
Klipsch RP-250C (each) Ebony$325.68
Klipsch RP-250F (pair) Cherry$579.60
Klipsch RP-250F (pair) Ebony$579.60
Klipsch RP-250S (pair)$651.36
Klipsch RP-260F (pair) Cherry$725.88
Klipsch RP-260F (pair) Ebony$725.88
Klipsch RP-280F (pair) Cherry$979.80
Klipsch RP-280F (pair) Ebony$979.80
Klipsch RP-440C (each) Cherry$398.82
Klipsch RP-440C (each) Ebony$398.82
Klipsch RP-450C (each) Cherry$470.58
Klipsch RP-450C (each) Ebony$470.58
Klipsch RSA-500 (each)$565.80
Klipsch RW-5802 (each)$304.98
Klipsch SB-120 (each)$434.70
Klipsch Stadium (each)$1,593.90
Krell Chorus 5200 (each)$5,850.00
Krell Chorus 7200 (each)$7,410.00
Krell Cipher (each)$9,360.00
Krell Connect (each)$3,224.00
Krell Duo 125 (each)$4,290.00
Krell Duo 175 (each)$5,850.00
Krell Duo 300 (each)$7,410.00
Krell Evolution 707 (each)$23,400.00
Krell Evolution 707 3D (each)$24,570.00
Krell Foundation (each)$5,239.00
Krell Illusion (each)$11,700.00
Krell Illusion 2 (each)$5,460.00
Krell S-1200 (each)$7,800.00
Krell S-1200 3D (each)$8,970.00
Krell S-1200u (each)$9,360.00
Krell S-1200u 3D (each)$10,530.00
Krell Solo 375 (each)$6,825.00
Krell Solo 575 (each)$8,775.00
Krell Trio 300 (each)$8,970.00
Krell Vanguard (each)$3,627.00
Marantz AV7702 (each)$1,596.00
Marantz AV7702mkII (each)$1,755.60
Marantz AV8802 (each)$3,192.00
Marantz CD5005 (each)$319.20
Marantz CD6005 (each)$399.00
Marantz M-CR603 (each)$558.60
Marantz MM7025 (each)$638.40
Marantz MM7055 (each)$957.60
Marantz MM8077 (each)$1,755.60
Marantz NA6005 (each)$518.70
Marantz NA8005 (each)$957.60
Marantz NR1504 (each)$438.90
Marantz NR1506 (each)$465.50
Marantz NR1605 (each)$578.55
Marantz NR1606 (each)$578.55
Marantz PM5005 (each)$399.00
Marantz PM6005 (each)$558.60
Marantz PM7005 (each)$798.00
Marantz PM8005 (each)$957.60
Marantz RX101 (each)$93.10
Marantz SA8005 (each)$957.60
Marantz SA8005 + PM8005 (Bundle)$1,715.70
Marantz SR5010 (each)$718.20
Marantz SR6010 (each)$1,117.20
Marantz SR7008 (each)$1,596.00
Marantz SR7009 (each)$1,596.00
Marantz SR7010 (each)$1,755.60
Marantz UD5007 (each)$478.80
Marantz UD7007 (each)$957.60
Martin Logan AFX (pair) Black$438.90
Martin Logan Axis (each)$764.75
Martin Logan Crescendo (each) Gloss Black$718.20
Martin Logan Crescendo (each) Walnut$718.20
Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 + SWT2 (each)$727.51
Martin Logan Dynamo 1500X (each) Black$1,166.41
Martin Logan Dynamo 1500X (each) Gloss Black$1,385.86
Martin Logan Dynamo 500 (each)$361.76
Martin Logan Dynamo 700 + SWT2 (each)$508.06
Martin Logan Edge (each)$1,130.50
Martin Logan EFX (pair)$2,263.66
Martin Logan ElectroMotion C2 (each)$585.20
Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL (pair) Black$1,828.75
Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL (pair) High Gloss Black$2,194.50
Martin Logan ElectroMotion FX2 (each) black color$474.81
Martin Logan ElectroMotion IC (each)$299.25
Martin Logan ElectroMotion IW (each)$332.50
Martin Logan ElectroMotion R (each)$399.00
Martin Logan Helos 12 (each)$232.75
Martin Logan Helos 22 (each)$299.25
Martin Logan Mikros 70 (each) Black$89.11
Martin Logan ML-45AW (pair) black$139.65
Martin Logan ML-45AW (pair) white$139.65
Martin Logan ML-55AW (pair) black$210.14
Martin Logan ML-55AW (pair) white$210.14
Martin Logan ML-60i (pair)$139.65
Martin Logan ML-62i (each)$117.04
Martin Logan ML-65AW (pair) black$279.30
Martin Logan ML-65AW (pair) white$279.30
Martin Logan ML-65i (pair)$139.65
Martin Logan ML-65R (each)$186.20
Martin Logan ML-66i (each)$117.04
Martin Logan ML-67i (each)$117.04
Martin Logan ML-75AW (pair) black$349.79
Martin Logan ML-75AW (pair) white$349.79
Martin Logan ML-75R (each)$239.40
Martin Logan ML-80i (pair)$186.20
Martin Logan Motif X (each) Black$1,605.31
Martin Logan Motion 15 (pair) Black$585.20
Martin Logan Motion 15 (pair) Black Cherrywood$622.44
Martin Logan Motion 2 (each) Black$146.30
Martin Logan Motion 20 (pair) Gloss Black$1,170.40
Martin Logan Motion 20 (pair) Gloss Black Cherrywood$1,170.40
Martin Logan Motion 30 (each) Black$512.05
Martin Logan Motion 30 (each) Black Cherrywood$512.05
Martin Logan Motion 35XT (pair) Black Cherrywood$915.04
Martin Logan Motion 35XT (pair) Paino Black$877.80
Martin Logan Motion 4 (each) Black$183.54
Martin Logan Motion 40 (pair) Gloss Black$1,463.00
Martin Logan Motion 40 (pair) Gloss Black Cherrywood$1,463.00
Martin Logan Motion 50XT (each) Black Cherrywood$704.90
Martin Logan Motion 50XT (each) Piano Black$658.35
Martin Logan Motion 6 (each) Black$219.45
Martin Logan Motion 60XT (pair) Black Cherrywood$2,340.80
Martin Logan Motion 60XT (pair) Piano Black$2,194.50
Martin Logan Motion 8 (each)$292.60
Martin Logan Motion FX (pair) Black$585.20
Martin Logan Motion FX (pair) White$585.20
Martin Logan Motion SLM (each)$365.75
Martin Logan Motion SLM-XL (each)$512.05
Martin Logan Motion Vision X Soundbar (each)$1,243.55
Martin Logan Theos (pair) Black$3,653.51
Martin Logan Vanquish (each)$931.00
Monitor Audio A10 (each) Black$380.44
Monitor Audio A10 (each) White$380.44
Monitor Audio A10 Stands (pair) Black$365.22
Monitor Audio A10 Stands (pair) White$365.22
Monitor Audio A100 (each) Black$494.56
Monitor Audio A100 (each) White$494.56
Monitor Audio A40 (each) Black$570.65
Monitor Audio A40 (each) White$570.65
Monitor Audio ASB-2 (each)$1,254.68
Monitor Audio AW-12 (each) Black$1,217.40
Monitor Audio AW-12 (each) White$1,217.40
Monitor Audio CL50 (pair) Black$273.91
Monitor Audio CL50 (pair) White$273.91
Monitor Audio CL60 (pair) Black$383.47
Monitor Audio CL60 (pair) White$383.47
Monitor Audio CL60-T2 (pair) Black$426.08
Monitor Audio CL60-T2 (pair) White$426.08
Monitor Audio CL80 (pair) Black$479.35
Monitor Audio CL80 (pair) White$479.35
Monitor Audio CP-CT150 (each)$141.15
Monitor Audio CP-CT260 (each)$199.72
Monitor Audio CP-CT380 (each)$292.94
Monitor Audio CP-CT380IDC (each)$452.72
Monitor Audio CP-WT140LCR (each)$226.35
Monitor Audio CP-WT150 (each)$173.10
Monitor Audio CP-WT240LCR (each)$266.31
Monitor Audio CP-WT260 (each)$226.35
Monitor Audio CP-WT380 (each)$332.88
Monitor Audio CP-WT380IDC (each)$479.35
Monitor Audio CT165 (each)$106.53
Monitor Audio CT165-T2 (each)$138.47
Monitor Audio CT180 (each)$133.15
Monitor Audio CT180-T2 (each)$186.41
Monitor Audio CT265 (each)$133.15
Monitor Audio CT265 FX (each)$199.72
Monitor Audio CT265-IDC (each)$213.04
Monitor Audio CT280 (each)$159.78
Monitor Audio CT280-IDC (each)$266.31
Monitor Audio CT380 FX (each)$319.56
Monitor Audio CT380-IDC (each)$399.46
Monitor Audio CWT140R (each)$97.40
Monitor Audio CWT140S (each)$97.40
Monitor Audio CWT160R (each)$121.76
Monitor Audio CWT160S (each)$121.76
Monitor Audio CWT180R (each)$164.35
Monitor Audio CWT180S (each)$164.35
Monitor Audio Gold 100 (pair) Piano Black$1,673.91
Monitor Audio Gold 100 (pair) Piano Ebony$1,978.26
Monitor Audio Gold 100 (pair) Walnut$1,673.91
Monitor Audio Gold 200 (pair) Piano Black$3,423.91
Monitor Audio Gold 200 (pair) Piano Ebony$4,108.69
Monitor Audio Gold 200 (pair) Walnut$3,423.91
Monitor Audio Gold 300 (pair) Piano Black$4,336.96
Monitor Audio Gold 300 (pair) Piano Ebony$5,173.91
Monitor Audio Gold 300 (pair) Walnut$4,336.96
Monitor Audio Gold 50 (pair) Piano Black$1,369.56
Monitor Audio Gold 50 (pair) Piano Ebony$1,673.91
Monitor Audio Gold 50 (pair) Walnut$1,369.56
Monitor Audio Gold C150 (each) Piano Black$836.96
Monitor Audio Gold C150 (each) Piano Ebony$989.13
Monitor Audio Gold C150 (each) Walnut$836.96
Monitor Audio Gold C350 (each) Piano Black$1,292.49
Monitor Audio Gold C350 (each) Piano Ebony$1,521.74
Monitor Audio Gold C350 (each) Walnut$1,292.49
Monitor Audio Gold FX (each) Piano Black$836.96
Monitor Audio Gold FX (each) Piano Ebony$989.13
Monitor Audio Gold FX (each) Walnut$836.96
Monitor Audio Gold W-15 (each) Piano Black$2,130.44
Monitor Audio Gold W-15 (each) Piano Ebony$2,510.87
Monitor Audio Gold W-15 (each) Walnut$2,130.44
Monitor Audio IWA-250 (each)$381.19
Monitor Audio IWB-10 (each)$152.18
Monitor Audio IWS-10 (each)$304.35
Monitor Audio MASS 10 (each) Black$133.91
Monitor Audio Mass 5.0 (System) Black$532.60
Monitor Audio MASS Center (each) Black$133.91
Monitor Audio MASS MPK Universal Bracket (4-Pack)$98.90
Monitor Audio MASS Stands (pair)$177.97
Monitor Audio MASS W200 (each) Black$456.53
Monitor Audio PL InWall (each)$2,800.00
Monitor Audio PL100 (pair) Ebony$3,804.35
Monitor Audio PL100 (pair) Gloss Black$3,804.35
Monitor Audio PL100 (pair) Rosewood$3,804.35
Monitor Audio PL200 (pair) Piano Lacquer Ebony Wood$6,847.82
Monitor Audio PL200 (pair) Piano Lacquer Gloss Black$6,847.82
Monitor Audio PL200 (pair) Piano Lacquer Santos Rosewood$6,847.82
Monitor Audio PL300 (pair) Piano Lacquer Black$8,369.56
Monitor Audio PL300 (pair) Piano Lacquer Ebony Wood$8,369.56
Monitor Audio PL300 (pair) Piano Lacquer Rosewood$8,369.56
Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 Stands (pair)$730.44
Monitor Audio Platinum PLC Stand (each)$547.82
Monitor Audio PLC150 (each) Ebony WoodPlatinum 150 Center$2,663.04
Monitor Audio PLC150 (each) Gloss BlackPlatinum 150 Center$2,663.04
Monitor Audio PLC150 (each) RosewoodPlatinum 150 Center$2,663.04
Monitor Audio PLC350 (each) Ebony$3,804.35
Monitor Audio PLC350 (each) Gloss Black$3,804.35
Monitor Audio PLC350 (each) Rosewood$3,804.35
Monitor Audio PLW15 (each) Ebony Wood$3,804.35
Monitor Audio PLW15 (each) Gloss Black$3,804.35
Monitor Audio PLW15 (each) Rosewood$3,804.35
Monitor Audio R One HD (each) Black$627.72
Monitor Audio R One HD (each) Walnut$627.72
Monitor Audio R One HD (each) White$627.72
Monitor Audio R200 (each) Black Lacquer$285.32
Monitor Audio R200 (each) Walnut$285.32
Monitor Audio R200 (each) White Lacquer$285.32
Monitor Audio R225HD (each) Black Lacquer$323.37
Monitor Audio R225HD (each) Walnut$323.37
Monitor Audio R225HD (each) White Lacquer$323.37
Monitor Audio R270HD (pair) Black Lacquer$951.09
Monitor Audio R270HD (pair) Walnut$951.09
Monitor Audio R270HD (pair) White Lacquer$951.09
Monitor Audio R380 (each) Black Lacquer$551.63
Monitor Audio R380 (each) Walnut$551.63
Monitor Audio R380 (each) White Lacquer$551.63
Monitor Audio R390 (each) Black Lacquer$684.78
Monitor Audio R390 (each) Walnut$684.78
Monitor Audio R390 (each) White Lacquer$684.78
Monitor Audio R45HD (pair) Gloss Black$285.32
Monitor Audio R45HD (pair) Gloss White$285.32
Monitor Audio R45HD (pair) Walnut$285.32
Monitor Audio R90HD (pair) Gloss Black$380.44
Monitor Audio R90HD (pair) Gloss White$380.44
Monitor Audio R90HD (pair) Walnut$380.44
Monitor Audio Radius Floor Stands (pair)$228.26
Monitor Audio S300 (each) Black$494.56
Monitor Audio S300 (each) White$494.56
Monitor Audio SB-2 (each)$570.65
Monitor Audio SB-3 (each)$684.78
Monitor Audio Silver 1 (pair) Black$666.53
Monitor Audio Silver 1 (pair) Piano Black$742.60
Monitor Audio Silver 1 (pair) Rosenut$666.53
Monitor Audio Silver 1 (pair) Walnut$666.53
Monitor Audio Silver 10 (pair) Black$1,902.94
Monitor Audio Silver 10 (pair) Piano Black$2,131.19
Monitor Audio Silver 10 (pair) Rosenut$1,902.94
Monitor Audio Silver 10 (pair) Walnut$1,902.94
Monitor Audio Silver 2 (pair) Black$799.68
Monitor Audio Silver 2 (pair) Piano Black$875.76
Monitor Audio Silver 2 (pair) Rosenut$799.68
Monitor Audio Silver 2 (pair) Walnut$799.68
Monitor Audio Silver 6 (pair) Black$1,142.06
Monitor Audio Silver 6 (pair) Piano Black$1,256.19
Monitor Audio Silver 6 (pair) Rosenut$1,142.06
Monitor Audio Silver 6 (pair) Walnut$1,142.06
Monitor Audio Silver 8 (pair) Black$1,522.50
Monitor Audio Silver 8 (pair) Piano Black$1,674.68
Monitor Audio Silver 8 (pair) Rosenut$1,522.50
Monitor Audio Silver 8 (pair) Walnut$1,522.50
Monitor Audio Silver Center (each) Black$552.40
Monitor Audio Silver Center (each) Piano Black$609.46
Monitor Audio Silver Center (each) Rosenut$552.40
Monitor Audio Silver Center (each) Walnut$552.40
Monitor Audio Silver FX (pair) Black$666.53
Monitor Audio Silver FX (pair) Piano Black$723.59
Monitor Audio Silver FX (pair) Rosenut$666.53
Monitor Audio Silver FX (pair) Walnut$666.53
Monitor Audio Silver W12 (each) Black$1,256.19
Monitor Audio Silver W12 (each) Piano Black$1,408.37
Monitor Audio Silver W12 (each) Rosenut$1,256.19
Monitor Audio Silver W12 (each) Walnut$1,256.19
Monitor Audio WS100 (pair)$394.66
Monitor Audio WT150-LCR (each)$200.87
Monitor Audio WT165 (each)$127.82
Monitor Audio WT180 (each)$159.78
Monitor Audio WT250-LCR (each)$231.31
Monitor Audio WT265 (each)$159.78
Monitor Audio WT280 (each)$186.41
Monitor Audio WT280-IDC (each)$266.31
Monitor Audio WT380-IDC (each)$426.09
Niles 6 Series Bracket Kit (pair)$30.10
Niles 8 Series Bracket Kit (pair)$33.60
Niles ABS-1 (each)$88.90
Niles AC-3 (each)$121.10
Niles ANT-SAT (each)$120.75
Niles APC-2 (each)$201.60
Niles Audio SS4 (each)$97.30
Niles AVS-2 (each)$80.50
Niles AXP-1 (each)$72.80
Niles C5-A2 (each)$48.30
Niles C5-A2WM (each)$48.30
Niles C5-DA (each)$32.20
Niles C5-HDDAWM (each)$80.50
Niles C5-HDMI R (each)$181.30
Niles C5-HDMI RWM (each)$161.00
Niles C5-HDMI T (each)$181.30
Niles C5-HDMI TWM (each)$161.00
Niles C5-RF (each)$48.30
Niles C5-V (each)$32.20
Niles C5-VA2 (each)$68.60
Niles C5-VA2WM (each)$68.60
Niles C5-VGA (each)$80.50
Niles C5-VGAWM (each)$80.50
Niles CE 70 (each)$64.40
Niles CM4PR (each)$181.30
Niles CM600 BKT (pair)$21.00
Niles CM610 (pair)$116.20
Niles CM630 (pair)$149.80
Niles CM7BG (each)$72.80
Niles CM7FX (pair)$225.40
Niles CM7HD (each)$161.00
Niles CM7MP (each)$109.20
Niles CM7PR (each)$128.80
Niles CM7SD (each)$144.90
Niles CM7SI (each)$96.60
Niles CM8HD (each)$177.10
Niles CM8MP (each)$112.70
Niles CM8PR (each)$144.90
Niles CM8SI (each)$193.20
Niles Contact (each)$603.40
Niles CS120 (each)$112.00
Niles CS12V (each)$128.80
Niles CSF48A (each)$671.16
Niles CSF48P (each)$503.16
Niles CSF55A (each)$671.16
Niles CSF65A (each)$671.16
Niles DBI-2 (each)$241.50
Niles DPS-1 (each)$80.50
Niles DS7FX (pair)$302.40
Niles DS7HD (each)$267.40
Niles DS7MP (each)$133.70
Niles DS7PR (each)$201.60
Niles DS7SI (each)$168.00
Niles DS8FX (pair)$504.00
Niles DS8HD (each)$302.40
Niles DS8PR (each)$233.80
Niles FM-1 (each) Shelf Mountfg01215$282.80
Niles FM-1R (each) Rack Mountfg01215$322.00
Niles GS4 (pair)$289.80
Niles GSS10 (each)$507.50
Niles HD5 (pair)$274.40
Niles HD5R (pair)$296.80
Niles HD6 (pair)$304.50
Niles HD6R (pair)$329.00
Niles HD8 (pair)$399.00
Niles HD8.3 (pair)$459.20
Niles HD8R (pair)$432.60
Niles HDFX (pair)$502.60
Niles HDLCR (each)$219.10
Niles HDLCR BX (each)$304.50
Niles HPS-4 (each)$169.40
Niles HPS-6 (each)$209.30
Niles IC7500 (pair)$232.40
Niles IC7600 (pair)$302.40
Niles IC7FX (pair)$334.60
Niles IC7SI (each)$168.00
Niles IC8500 (pair)$302.40
Niles IC8600 (pair)$371.00
Niles Intellifile 3 (each)$805.00
Niles LCR/FX Bracket Kit (each)$20.30
Niles MF1U (each)$182.00
Niles MF1VF (each)$182.00
Niles MP5 (pair)$147.00
Niles MP5R (pair)$168.00
Niles MP6 (pair)$169.40
Niles MP6R (pair)$199.50
Niles MS120 (each)$105.00
Niles MSA-10A (each)$571.90
Niles MSU140 (each)$56.00
Niles MSU250 (each)$70.00
Niles MSU440Z (each)$182.00
Niles MSU480 (each)$98.00
Niles OS5.3 Black (pair)$186.20
Niles OS5.3 WHITE (pair)$186.20
Niles OS5.3SI BLACK (each)$189.00
Niles OS5.3SI WHITE (each)$189.00
Niles OS5.5 BLACK (pair)$235.20
Niles OS5.5 WHITE (pair)$235.20
Niles OS6.3 BLACK (pair)$323.40
Niles OS6.3 WHITE (pair)$323.40
Niles OS6.3SI BLACK (each)$260.40
Niles OS6.3SI WHITE (each)$260.40
Niles OS6.5 BLACK (pair)$348.60
Niles OS6.5 WHITE (pair)$348.60
Niles OS7.3 Black (pair)$406.00
Niles OS7.3 WHITE (pair)$406.00
Niles OS7.5 BLACK (pair)$485.80
Niles OS7.5 WHITE (pair)$485.80
Niles PR6R (pair)$264.60
Niles PRO15SW (each)$1,159.20
Niles PSW8 (each)$199.50
Niles RCA-HT2 (each) Black$223.30
Niles RCA-SM2 (each) Black$196.00
Niles RCA-TT2 (each) Black$177.10
Niles RS232G (each)$241.50
Niles RS5 (each) Coral$152.60
Niles RS5 (each) Granite$152.60
Niles RS5 (each) Sandstone$152.60
Niles RS5 (each) Shale Brown$152.60
Niles RS5 (each) Speckled Granite$152.60
Niles RS6 Coral (each)$189.00
Niles RS6 Granite (each)$189.00
Niles RS6 Sandstone (each)$189.00
Niles RS6 Shale Brown (each)$189.00
Niles RS6 Speckled Granite (each)$189.00
Niles RS6Si (each) Coral$217.70
Niles RS6Si (each) Granite$217.70
Niles RS6Si (each) Sandstone$217.70
Niles RS6Si (each) Shale Brown$217.70
Niles RS6Si (each) Speckled Granite$217.70
Niles RS8Si CORAL (each)$333.90
Niles RS8Si GRANITE (each)$333.90
Niles RS8Si SANDSTONE (each)$333.90
Niles RS8Si Shale Brown (each)$333.90
Niles RS8Si Speckled Granite (each)$333.90
Niles RWC 8.7 (each)$434.70
Niles SAS-1 (each)$185.50
Niles SI-1230 Series 2 (each)$885.50
Niles SI-1650 (each)$2,450.70
Niles SI-2100 (each)$443.52
Niles SI-2150 (each)$577.50
Niles SI-250 (each)$331.10
Niles SMS-10 (each)$284.20
Niles SMS-10C (each)$340.90
Niles SPK-1 (each)$96.60
Niles SS-6 (each)$128.80
Niles SSVC-2 (each)$172.20
Niles SSVC-4 (each)$280.00
Niles SSVC-6 (each)$340.20
Niles SVC100K (each)$91.00
Niles SW-R (each)$80.50
Niles SW-T (each)$80.50
Niles SW10 (each)$343.00
Niles SW12 (each)$463.40
Niles SW6.5 (each)$403.20
Niles SW8 (each)$483.00
Niles SWA-500M (each)$644.00
Niles TM-AM/FM (each)$201.60
Niles TM-Sirius (each)$483.00
Niles TM-XM (each)$402.50
Niles TS120 (each)$91.00
Niles TVC-1 (each)$112.00
Niles VCS100K (each)$56.00
Niles VCS50K (each)$42.00
Niles VCSHUB8 (each)$56.00
Niles WS120 (each) White$91.00
Niles WVC100E (each)$84.00
Niles WVC100K (each)$68.60
Niles ZR-4 Series 2 (each, w/4 keypads)$1,368.50
Onkyo A-9070 (each)$910.00
Onkyo BD-SP809 (each)$442.36
Onkyo C-7070 (each)$549.14
Onkyo HT-S9700THX (System)$921.76
Onkyo PA-MC5501 (each)$1,490.51
Onkyo PR-SC5530 (each)$1,961.21
Onkyo TX-NR1030 (each)$1,172.80
Onkyo TX-NR3030 (each)$1,680.10
Onkyo TX-NR626 (each)$490.30
Onkyo TX-NR636 (each)$440.61
Onkyo TX-NR737 (each)$631.95
Onkyo TX-NR747 (each)$767.49
Onkyo TX-NR838 (each)$801.48
Onkyo TX-NR929 (each)$1,019.83
Panamax BATT1500-EXT (each)$497.75
Panamax BB-ZB1 (each)$91.08
Panamax Bluebolt-CV1 (each)$167.04
Panamax M4315-PRO (each)$414.59
Panamax M4320-PRO (each)$510.27
Panamax M8-AV (each)$80.16
Panamax M8-AV-PRO (each)$113.58
Panamax MAX 5300-PM$360.83
Panamax MAX 5400-PM$494.48
Panamax MB1000 (each)$585.59
Panamax MB1500 (each)$951.62
Panamax MB850 (each)$219.58
Panamax MD2-ZB (each)$91.08
Panamax MFP-300 (each)$100.21
Panamax MIW-Power-Pro-PFP (each)$74.21
Panamax MIW-Surge-1G (each)$37.08
Panamax MIW-XT (each)$111.33
Panamax MR4000 (each)$145.76
Panamax MR4300 (each)$200.45
Panamax MR5100 (each)$294.00
Panamax MX5102 (each)$454.07
Panamax SEP-200 (each)$187.08
Panamax SP8-AV (each)$46.75
Paradigm DSP-3200 Version 2 (each) Black Ash$641.93
Paradigm E65-R (each)$286.98
Paradigm E80-A (each)$422.92
Paradigm E80-IW (each)$407.81
Paradigm E80-R (each)$347.39
Paradigm H55-IW (each)$105.85
Paradigm H55-LCR (each)$171.10
Paradigm H55-R (each)$105.85
Paradigm H65-A (each)$171.10
Paradigm H65-IW (each)$123.25
Paradigm H65-R (each)$123.25
Paradigm H65-SM (each)$140.65
Paradigm H80-R (each)$140.65
Paradigm LS-18 Stand (pair)$130.50
Paradigm MC-30 Stand (pair)$114.78
Paradigm Millenia 20 (each) Black Chrome$438.02
Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio (each) Black Chrome$944.01
Paradigm Millenia 200 (each) Black Chrome$604.17
Paradigm Millenia 30 (each) Black Chrome$641.93
Paradigm Millenia ADP (each) Black$566.41
Paradigm Millenia ADP (each) White$566.41
Paradigm Millenia LP (each) Gloss Black$377.61
Paradigm Millenia LP XL (each)$528.64
Paradigm Millenia LP2 (each)$377.61
Paradigm Millenia One 2.0 (System) Gloss Black$377.61
Paradigm Millenia One 2.0 (System) Gloss White$377.61
Paradigm Millenia One 3.0 (System) Gloss Black$566.41
Paradigm Millenia One 3.0 (System) Gloss White$566.41
Paradigm Millenia Sub (each) Satin Black$1,057.30
Paradigm Millenia Sub (each) Satin White$1,057.30
Paradigm Monitor Sub 10 (each) Black$725.00
Paradigm Monitor Sub 12 (each) Black$797.50
Paradigm Monitor Sub 8 (each) Black$623.50
Paradigm P65-IW (each)$226.56
Paradigm P65-R (each)$166.14
Paradigm P80-A (each)$302.08
Paradigm P80-IW (each)$286.98
Paradigm P80-R (each)$226.56
Paradigm P80-SM (each)$286.98
Paradigm PBK (each)$75.52
Paradigm PCS-80R (each)$151.05
Paradigm Prestige 1000 (each) Black Walnut$2,265.63
Paradigm Prestige 1000 (each) Midnight Cherry$2,492.19
Paradigm Prestige 1000 (each) Piano Black$2,265.63
Paradigm Prestige 1000 (each) Walnut$2,265.63
Paradigm Prestige 15B (each) Black Walnut$604.65
Paradigm Prestige 15B (each) Midnight Cherry$680.05
Paradigm Prestige 15B (each) Piano Black$604.65
Paradigm Prestige 15B (each) Walnut$604.65
Paradigm Prestige 2000 (each) Black Walnut$3,020.83
Paradigm Prestige 2000 (each) Midnight Cherry$3,247.39
Paradigm Prestige 2000 (each) Piano Black$3,020.83
Paradigm Prestige 2000 (each) Walnut$3,020.83
Paradigm Prestige 25S (each) Black$761.25
Paradigm Prestige 45C (each) Black Walnut$981.65
Paradigm Prestige 45C (each) Midnight Cherry$1,132.45
Paradigm Prestige 45C (each) Piano Black$981.65
Paradigm Prestige 45C (each) Walnut$981.65
Paradigm Prestige 55C (each) Black Walnut$1,283.25
Paradigm Prestige 55C (each) Midnight Cherry$1,435.50
Paradigm Prestige 55C (each) Piano Black$1,283.25
Paradigm Prestige 55C (each) Walnut$1,283.25
Paradigm Prestige 75F (each) Black Walnut$1,132.45
Paradigm Prestige 75F (each) Midnight Cherry$1,283.25
Paradigm Prestige 75F (each) Piano Black$1,132.45
Paradigm Prestige 75F (each) Walnut$1,132.45
Paradigm Prestige 85F (each) Black Walnut$1,510.90
Paradigm Prestige 85F (each) Midnight Cherry$1,661.70
Paradigm Prestige 85F (each) Piano Black$1,510.90
Paradigm Prestige 85F (each) Walnut$1,510.90
Paradigm Prestige 95F (each) Black Walnut$1,887.90
Paradigm Prestige 95F (each) Midnight Cherry$2,114.10
Paradigm Prestige 95F (each) Piano Black$1,887.90
Paradigm Prestige 95F (each) Walnut$1,887.90
Paradigm Rock 60-SM (each) Dark Granite$226.56
Paradigm Rock 60-SM (each) Fieldstone$226.56
Paradigm Rock 60-SM (each) Sandstone$226.56
Paradigm Rock 80-SM (each) Dark Granite$339.85
Paradigm Rock 80-SM (each) Fieldstone$339.85
Paradigm RVC-12SQ (each)$543.75
Paradigm SA-LCR3 Version 3 (each) + BK-LCR3$1,087.50
Paradigm SE Sub (each) Black$604.17
Paradigm Seismic 110 (each) Black$1,208.33
Paradigm SIG-1.5R Version 3 (pair) White$1,208.34
Paradigm SIG-1.5R-30 Version 3 (White) each$755.20
Paradigm SIG-ADP Version 3 (each)$1,223.80
Paradigm SIG-LCR 5 Version 3 (White) each$2,610.00
Paradigm Signature ADP3 Version 3 (Cherry) each$2,084.38
Paradigm Signature ADP3 Version 3 (Piano Black) each$2,265.63
Paradigm Signature C3 Version 3 (Cherry) each$2,537.50
Paradigm Signature C3 Version 3 (Piano Black) each$2,718.75
Paradigm Signature C5 Version 3 (Cherry) each$4,078.13
Paradigm Signature C5 Version 3 (Piano Black) each$4,531.25
Paradigm Signature S2 Version 3 (Cherry) each$1,540.63
Paradigm Signature S2 Version 3 (Piano Black) each$1,585.94
Paradigm Signature S6 Version 3 (Cherry) each$2,990.63
Paradigm Signature S6 Version 3 (Piano Black) each$3,171.88
Paradigm Signature S8 Version 3 (Cherry) each$4,078.13
Paradigm Signature S8 Version 3 (Piano Black) each$4,531.25
Paradigm Signature SUB 1 (each) Cherry$4,531.25
Paradigm Signature SUB 1 (each) Piano Black$4,984.38
Paradigm Signature SUB 2 (each) Black Ash$9,062.50
Paradigm Signature SUB 2 (each) Cherry$9,062.50
Paradigm Signature SUB 2 (each) Piano Black$9,515.63
Paradigm Soundscape (each)$1,132.81
Paradigm Soundtrack 2 (System)$679.69
Paradigm Stylus 270 Version 3 (each) Black$151.05
Paradigm Stylus 270 Version 3 (each) White$151.05
Paradigm Stylus 370 Version 3 (each) Black$226.56
Paradigm Stylus 370 Version 3 (each) White$226.56
Paradigm Stylus 370-SM Version 3 (each) Black$264.32
Paradigm Stylus 370-SM Version 3 (each) White$264.32
Paradigm Stylus 470 Version 3 (each) Black$264.32
Paradigm Stylus 470 Version 3 (each) White$264.32
Paradigm Stylus 470-SM Version 3 (each) Black$302.08
Paradigm Stylus 470-SM Version 3 (each) White$302.08
Paradigm UltraCube 10 Version 2 (each) Black Ash$830.73
Paradigm UltraCube 12 Version 2 (each) Black Ash$981.77
Paradigm X-850 (each)$913.80
Paradigm X300 (each)$540.73
Parasaound 2125 125 Watts 2 Channel Amplifier$605.80
Parasound 2250 250Watts 2 Channel Amplifier$1,054.30
Parasound 275 75 Watts 2 Channel Power Amplifier$430.30
Parasound 7100 Controller$2,457.00
Parasound ZPRE2 2 Channel Pre Amplifier$313.30
Parasound ZTuner Stereo Tuner 1/2 Width$313.30
Polk Audio 255C-LS (each) Black$339.97
Polk Audio 255C-RT (each) Black$237.97
Polk Audio 265-LS (each)$339.97
Polk Audio 265-RT (each) Black$237.97
Polk Audio 500-LS (each)$194.35
Polk Audio 620-RT (each) White$109.17
Polk Audio 625-RT (each)$109.17
Polk Audio 65-RT (each) Black$169.97
Polk Audio 70-RT (each)$161.95
Polk Audio 700-LS (each)$194.34
Polk Audio 80 F/X-LS (pair)$407.97
Polk Audio 80 F/X-RT (pair)$271.97
Polk Audio 90-RT (each)$226.32
Polk Audio 900-LS (each)$291.54
Polk Audio Atrium 4 (pair) Black$172.80
Polk Audio Atrium 4 (pair) White$172.80
Polk Audio Atrium 5 (pair) Black$259.10
Polk Audio Atrium 5 (pair) White$259.10
Polk Audio Atrium 6 (pair) Black$332.75
Polk Audio Atrium 6 (pair) White$332.75
Polk Audio Atrium 8 (each) Black$207.97
Polk Audio Atrium 8 (each) White$239.97
Polk Audio Atrium Garden Speaker System$499.07
Polk Audio Atrium Sat 30 (each)$124.75
Polk Audio Atrium Sub 10 (each)$249.55
Polk Audio Atrium Sub 10 Grille (each) Black$16.00
Polk Audio CSi A4 (each) Black$215.95
Polk Audio CSi A4 (each) Cherry$215.95
Polk Audio CSi A6 (each) Black$345.55
Polk Audio CSi A6 (each) Cherry$345.55
Polk Audio CSW155 (each)$575.36
Polk Audio DSW Pro 440wi (each)$361.15
Polk Audio DSW Pro 550wi (each)$453.55
Polk Audio DSW Pro 660wi (each)$545.95
Polk Audio DSW1000 (each)$719.97
Polk Audio DSW3000 (each)$1,159.97
Polk Audio ENCLC60I (each)$160.00
Polk Audio ENCLC65I (each)$160.00
Polk Audio ENCLC80i (each)$160.00
Polk Audio F/X Wireless Surround (set)$383.97
Polk Audio FXi A4 (pair) Black$345.55
Polk Audio FXi A4 (pair) White$345.55
Polk Audio FXi A6 (pair) Black$431.95
Polk Audio FXi A6 (pair) White$431.95
Polk Audio LSi M702 F/X (pair) Black$1,199.97
Polk Audio LSi M703 (pair) Cherry$1,199.94
Polk Audio LSi M703 (pair) Mahogany$1,199.94
Polk Audio LSi M704c (each) Mahogany$599.97
Polk Audio LSi M705 (pair) Cherry$2,665.60
Polk Audio LSi M705 (pair) Mahogany$2,665.60
Polk Audio LSi M706c (each) Cherry$959.97
Polk Audio LSi M706c (each) Mahogany$959.97
Polk Audio LSi M707 (pair) Cherry$3,199.94
Polk Audio LSi M707 (pair) Mahogany$3,199.94
Polk Audio OWM3 (pair) Black$139.15
Polk Audio OWM3 (pair) White$139.15
Polk Audio OWM5 (each) Black$119.97
Polk Audio OWM5 (each) White$119.97
Polk Audio PB 100 (each)$14.40
Polk Audio PB 105 (each)$14.40
Polk Audio PB 450 (pair)$22.40
Polk Audio PB 55 (pair)$22.40
Polk Audio PB 60 (pair)$22.40
Polk Audio PB 65 (pair)$22.40
Polk Audio PB LC265i (pair)$25.60
Polk Audio PB LC60i (pair)$22.40
Polk Audio PB LC65i (pair)$22.40
Polk Audio PB LC80i (pair)$22.40
Polk Audio PB LCI C (each)$11.52
Polk Audio PB SC50 (pair)$22.40
Polk Audio PWSK-1 (each)$115.15
Polk Audio RC55I (pair)$167.87
Polk Audio RC60i (pair)$149.22
Polk Audio RC65I (pair)$237.41
Polk Audio RC80I (pair)$213.66
Polk Audio RC85I (pair)$264.54
Polk Audio RTi A1 (pair) Black$280.80
Polk Audio RTi A1 (pair) Cherry$280.80
Polk Audio RTi A3 (pair) Black$345.55
Polk Audio RTi A3 (pair) Cherry$345.55
Polk Audio RTi A5 (pair) Black$691.10
Polk Audio RTi A5 (pair) Cherry$691.10
Polk Audio RTi A7 (pair) Black$863.90
Polk Audio RTi A7 (pair) Cherry$863.90
Polk Audio RTi A9 (pair) Black$1,295.90
Polk Audio RTi A9 (pair) Cherry$1,295.90
Polk Audio SA-3 Stand (pair) Black$120.00
Polk Audio Surround Bar 3000 IHT System (each) Black$363.95
Polk Audio Surround Bar 4000 IHT System (each) Black$395.15
Polk Audio Surround Bar 6000 IHT System (each) Black$495.95
Polk Audio Surround Bar CHT 400 (each)$653.68
Polk Audio Surround Bar CHT 500 (each)$871.95
Polk Audio SWA500 (each)$439.20
Polk Audio TC80i (each)$191.97
Polk Audio TL1 Center (each) Black$87.15
Polk Audio TL1 Satellite (each) Black$69.71
Polk Audio TL1 Satellite (each) White$69.71
Polk Audio TL150 System$348.74
Polk Audio TL1600 System$435.94
Polk Audio TL2 Center (each) Black$122.03
Polk Audio TL2 Satellite (each) Black$87.15
Polk Audio TL2 Satellite (each) White$87.15
Polk Audio TL250 System$435.94
Polk Audio TL2600 System$653.92
Polk Audio TL3 Center (each) Black$174.35
Polk Audio TL3 Satellite (each) Black$130.75
Polk Audio TL3 Satellite (each) White$130.75
Polk Audio TL350 System$653.92
REL 212SE (each) Black$3,176.25
REL BassLine Blue 10 (each)$432.99
REL BassLine Blue 6 (each)$324.74
REL G-1 (each) Black$3,850.00
REL G-2 (each) Black$3,080.00
REL Habitat1 (each) Black$1,587.64
REL Longbow (each) Black$280.00
REL S-2 (each) Black$1,190.73
REL S-3 (each) Black$1,587.64
REL S-5 (each) Black$1,984.54
REL T-5 (each) Black$554.88
REL T-7 (each) Black$793.02
REL T-9 (each) Black$951.79
REL T-Zero (each) Black$396.55
Sonos AC Adapter 100 (each)$18.19
Sonos Bridge (each)$44.59
Sonos Connect (each)$317.59
Sonos Connect AMP (each)$454.09
Sonos Controller CR200 (each)$317.59
Sonos Play1 (each) Black$194.03
Sonos Play1 (each) White$194.03
Sonos Play3 (each) Black$272.09
Sonos Play3 (each) White$272.09
Sonos Play5 (each) Black Color$363.09
Sonos Play5 (each) White Color$363.09
Sonos PlayBar (each) Black$636.09
Sonos SUB (each) Black$620.10
SpeakerCraft AccuFit CRS7 Three (each)$191.40
SpeakerCraft AccuFit DT7 Three (each)$158.05
SpeakerCraft AccuFit IW7 One (each)$113.10
SpeakerCraft AccuFit IW7 Three (each)$189.95
SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema Five (each)$485.75
SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema One (each)$208.80
SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema Three (each)$414.70
SpeakerCraft AIM LCR 1 (each)$160.95
SpeakerCraft AIM LCR 3 (each)$320.45
SpeakerCraft AIM LCR 5 (each)$456.75
SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 Five (each)$136.30
SpeakerCraft Aim Wide Five (each)$456.75
SpeakerCraft Aim Wide One (each)$160.95
SpeakerCraft Aim Wide Three (each)$320.45
SpeakerCraft AIM5 Five Series 2 (each) AIM255AIM255$355.25
SpeakerCraft AIM5 Three Series 2 (each) AIM253AIM253$311.75
SpeakerCraft AIM5 Two Series 2 (each) AIM252AIM252$261.00
SpeakerCraft AIM7 DT Three (each)$131.95
SpeakerCraft AIM7 DT Three Series 2 (each) AIM273DTAIM273DT$355.25
SpeakerCraft AIM7 Five (each)$247.95
SpeakerCraft AIM7 Five Series 2 (each) AIM275AIM275$413.25
SpeakerCraft AIM7 MT One (pair)$188.50
SpeakerCraft AIM7 MT Three (pair)$316.10
SpeakerCraft AIM7 SR Three Series 2 (each) AIM273SRAIM273SR$333.50
SpeakerCraft AIM7 Three (each)$163.85
SpeakerCraft AIM7 Three Series 2 (each) AIM273AIM273$355.25
SpeakerCraft AIM7 Two (each)$133.40
SpeakerCraft AIM7 Two Series 2 (each) AIM272AIM272$311.75
SpeakerCraft AIM8 DT One (each)$200.10
SpeakerCraft AIM8 DT Three (each)$255.20
SpeakerCraft AIM8 DT Three Series 2 (each) AIM283DTAIM283DT$435.00
SpeakerCraft AIM8 Five (each)$485.75
SpeakerCraft AIM8 Five Series 2 (each) AIM285AIM285$478.50
SpeakerCraft AIM8 One (each)$134.85
SpeakerCraft AIM8 Three (each)$272.60
SpeakerCraft AIM8 Three Series 2 (each) AIM283AIM283$413.25
SpeakerCraft AIM8 Two (each)$203.00
SpeakerCraft AIM8 Two Series 2 (each) AIM282AIM282$355.25
SpeakerCraft BB275 2-Channel Amplifier$429.20
Speakercraft Cinema Sub 10 (each)$239.25
SpeakerCraft CRS6 Three (each)$158.05
SpeakerCraft CRS6 Two (each)$131.95
SpeakerCraft CRS8 Three (each)$189.95
SpeakerCraft CRS8 Two (each)$152.25
SpeakerCraft DT8 Zero (each)$160.95
SpeakerCraft MT6 One (pair)$188.50
SpeakerCraft MT6 Three (pair)$316.10
SpeakerCraft OE5 One (pair) BlackASM80515$240.70
SpeakerCraft OE5 One (pair) WhiteASM80515$240.70
SpeakerCraft OE6 One (pair) BlackASM80615$359.60
SpeakerCraft OE6 One (pair) WhiteASM80610$359.60
SpeakerCraft OE6 Three (pair) Black$400.20
SpeakerCraft OE6 Three (pair) White$400.20
SpeakerCraft OE8 Three (pair) Black$481.40
SpeakerCraft OE8 Three (pair) White$481.40
SpeakerCraft OG Three (each)$107.30
SpeakerCraft Profile Accufit CRS7 Three (each)$227.65
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM Cinema Five (each)$578.55
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM Cinema One (each)$303.05
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM Cinema Three (each)$477.05
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR3 One (each)$114.55
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR3 Three (each)$143.55
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR5 One (each)$188.50
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR5 Three (each)$363.95
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM5 One (each)$101.50
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM5 Three (each)$133.40
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 DT Three (each)$168.20
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 Five (each)$284.20
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 MT Three (pair)$342.20
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 Three (each)$200.10
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 Two (each)$166.75
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 DT Three (each)$216.05
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 Five (each)$529.25
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 One (each)$166.75
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 Three (each)$316.10
SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 Two (each)$246.50
SpeakerCraft Profile Cinema Sub 10 (each)$253.75
SpeakerCraft Profile CRS6 One (each)$123.25
SpeakerCraft Profile CRS6 Three (each)$187.05
SpeakerCraft Profile CRS6 Two (each)$160.95
SpeakerCraft Profile CRS8 One (each)$130.50
SpeakerCraft Profile CRS8 Three (each)$210.25
SpeakerCraft Profile CRS8 Two (each)$195.75
SpeakerCraft Ruckus 6 One (each) GraniteASM33615$168.20
SpeakerCraft Ruckus 6 One (each) SandstoneASM33617$168.20
SpeakerCraft Ruckus 8 One (each) GraniteASM33815$276.95
SpeakerCraft Ruckus 8 One (each) SandstoneASM33817$276.95
SpeakerCraft Vital 1250 (each)$870.00
SpeakerCraft Vital 850 (each)$754.00
Sunfire ACC-2WB (each)$29.67
Sunfire Atmos XT (each) Black$810.00
Sunfire CRM-2 (pair) Rosewood$1,039.91
Sunfire CRM-2BIP (pair) Black$1,264.41
Sunfire CRM-2BIP (pair) White$1,264.41
Sunfire CRS-3 (each) rosewood$650.27
Sunfire CRS-3C Center (each) rosewood$812.84
Sunfire CRW-2C (each)$556.08
Sunfire CRW-3C Center (each) black$794.77
Sunfire HRS-10 (each) black$686.39
Sunfire HRS-12 (each) black$758.65
Sunfire HRS-8 (each) black$549.63
Sunfire HRS-IW8 (System)$1,212.79
Sunfire PCK2 (each)$72.25
Sunfire PCK3C (each)$72.25
Sunfire SDS-10 (each) Black$325.13
Sunfire SDS-12 (each) Black$397.39
Sunfire SDS-8 (each) Black$252.88
Sunfire SDSWiRX (each)$53.54
Sunfire SDSWiTX (each)$53.54
Sunfire SRS-210R (System) Rosewood$1,348.65
Sunfire SRS-210W (System)$1,956.15
Sunfire SRSWMK (each)$72.25
Sunfire TGA-7201 (each) Black$2,268.00
Sunfire TGA-7401 (each) Black$3,172.50
Velodyne DD-10+ (each) Gloss Black$2,435.23
Velodyne DD-12+ (each) Gloss Black$2,589.51
Velodyne DD-15+ (each) Gloss Black$3,070.97
Velodyne DD-18+ (each) Gloss Black$3,775.87
Velodyne MicroVee (each) Black$615.79
Velodyne MiniVee (each) Black$711.55
Velodyne Optimum-10 (each) Black Gloss$1,020.11
Velodyne Optimum-12 (each) Black Gloss$1,177.05
Velodyne Optimum-8 (each) Black Gloss$903.07
Velodyne SC-1250 Amp$778.05
Velodyne SC-600D Amp$490.77
Velodyne SC-600IW$450.87
Velodyne SC-600IW MR$54.53
Velodyne SC-IWBB In-wall Back Box$182.21
Velodyne SC-IWDVR IN wall woofer$1,017.45
Yamaha A-S1000 (each) Black$929.50
Yamaha A-S2000 (each) Black$1,300.00
Yamaha A-S2000 (each) Silver$1,300.00
Yamaha A-S2100 (each) Black$2,275.00
Yamaha A-S2100 (each) Silver$2,275.00
Yamaha A-S3000 (each) Black$4,550.00
Yamaha A-S3000 (each) Silver$4,550.00
Yamaha A-S501 (each) Black$429.00
Yamaha A-S501 (each) Silver$429.00
Yamaha A-S701 (each) Black$624.00
Yamaha A-S701 (each) Silver$624.00
Yamaha A-S801 (each) Black$702.00
Yamaha A-S801 (each) Silver$702.00
Yamaha BD-A1040 (each)$364.00
Yamaha BD-S477 (each)$195.00
Yamaha BD-S677 (each)$300.30
Yamaha CD-C600 (each)$257.40
Yamaha CD-S1000 (each) Black$929.50
Yamaha CD-S2100 (each) Black$1,950.00
Yamaha CD-S2100 (each) Silver$1,950.00
Yamaha CD-S300 (each)$234.00
Yamaha CD-S3000 (each) black$3,900.00
Yamaha CD-S3000 (each) silver$3,900.00
Yamaha CD-S700 (each) Black$572.00
Yamaha CX-A5000 (each)$1,950.00
Yamaha CX-A5100 (each)$1,950.00
Yamaha MX-A5000 (each)$1,950.00
Yamaha NS-AW350 (pair) Black$127.50
Yamaha NS-AW350 (pair) White$127.50
Yamaha NS-AW392 (pair) Black$135.00
Yamaha NS-AW392 (pair) White$135.00
Yamaha NS-AW592 (pair) Black$161.25
Yamaha NS-AW592 (pair) White$161.25
Yamaha NS-AW992 (pair) Black$360.00
Yamaha NS-AW992 (pair) White$360.00
Yamaha NS-IC400 (pair)$90.00
Yamaha NS-IC600 (pair)$90.00
Yamaha NS-IC800 (pair)$120.00
Yamaha NS-ICS600 (each)$67.50
Yamaha NS-IW280C (pair)$97.50
Yamaha NS-IW360C (pair)$112.50
Yamaha NS-IW470 (pair)$121.50
Yamaha NS-IW480C (pair)$121.50
Yamaha NS-IW560C (pair)$158.25
Yamaha NS-IW660 (pair)$158.25
Yamaha NS-IW760 (each)$67.50
Yamaha NS-IW960 (each)$94.50
Yamaha R-S300 (each)$219.70
Yamaha R-S500 (each) Black$274.30
Yamaha R-S700 (each) Black$391.30
Yamaha RX-A1050 (each)$936.00
Yamaha RX-A2050 (each)$1,248.00
Yamaha RX-A3050 (each)$1,560.00
Yamaha RX-A750 (each)$507.00
Yamaha RX-A850 (each)$702.00
Yamaha T-S500 (each) Black$195.91
Yamaha YSP-3300 (each)$1,350.00
Yamaha YSP-4300 (each)$1,620.00
Yamaha YST-FSW150 (each)$265.50
Yamaha YST-SW315 (each)$262.50
Yamaha YTS-F500 (each) Black$390.00
Yamaha YTS-T500 (each) Black$234.00
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